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The Gratitude Game is a simple well-paced online game that evokes so much gratitude it can lead to feeling warm hearted, much more hopeful, fulfilled and that everything is a whole letter better than we generally perceive.

It can chill you out so much we advise you don’t operate heavy machinery for 30 minutes afterwards. It makes evoking gratitude easy, effective and fun!

You play in our online meeting and gather into groups of 5 to 6 people, sharing what you’re grateful for.

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You score points in two ways, for the gratitude you share and for allowing the gratitude expressed by others to move you to feel even more gratitude. We tally all the points together to increase momentum and to indicate how much gratitude we’ve generated as a group.

It creates a momentum that takes on a life of its own and gets so much gratitude flowing, that it has to be experienced to be believed. It’s a simple well-paced game, that relies on people helping one another to feel loads of gratitude.

It takes less than an hour and dissolves so much stress it makes you more present with yourself and with others, enhancing relationships, giving you clarity and decisiveness and enhances your general enjoyment of life.

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