Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

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In 3 weekly recordings we will cover what brings about serendipity and what steps you can take to increase it's occurrence in your life. Peter Hagerty will explain step-by-step just how it works and also why it works. Ultimately it's very simple once we work through what blocks serendipity. When you follow the steps in the course you will be able to let Serendipity find you more easily by decreasing and removing struggle from your life.

This pre-recorded home-study course includes

  • Step by Step process to Increase Serendipity in Your Life
  • Clear Stages of Progression to Measure Your Progress
  • Tried and Tested Tools to Help You Integrate your Power
  • Q&A of the most frequently asked questions from our audience.


Session 1: Getting in the Flow (50 min + 25 min Q&A) 

  • About the Creator of Serendipity and Success
  • What is Serendipity?
  • Overview of How to Increase Your Serendipity
  • Demystifying Serendipity
  • Outline of Practical Steps to Increase Serendipity
  • Generating Serendipity through Personal Integrity
  • Specific Practical Steps to Create Serendipity

Session 2: Natural Momentum (66 min + 18 min Q&A)

  • Harnessing Natural Momentum to Propel You Forward
  • Increasing Personal Power through Internal Synergy
  • Discovering Our Treasure (Behind Invisible Doors)
  • Find the Serendipity Key
  • Using the Serendipity Key to Unlock
    • Deep Power
    • Satisfying Enjoyment
    • Unexpected Opportunities
    • More Results with Less Effort
  • Real Fulfilling Adventure

Session 3: Maximum Momentum

Taking it to the Next Level (81 min + 12 min Q&A)

  • Setting Fulfilling Goals
  • Tailoring Success to Suit You
  • Leveraging Serendipity to Create Success
  • Increasing Natural Momentum for Personal Success
  • Synergising Natural Momentum and Serendipity to Increase Effortless Leverage