Inner Self, Outer Wealth

  • Tune into Your Real Wealth

  • Find Your Unique Value

  • Take the First Steps to Make Money Doing What You Love

The Inner Self, Outer Wealth programme guides you to tune into yourself in a natural and enjoyable way that helps you:

Increase your Enjoyment of Life
Reduce Stress
Uncover your Purpose
Simplify Life
Increase Chances of Success in Relationships
Increase Chances of Success in Business
Helps you Uncover your Natural and Inherent Value
Find the First Steps to Make Money Doing What You Love

Inner Self, Outer Wealth combines the best of theory and practice by providing educational material prior to each coaching session which:


Guides you to discover hidden talents and treasures that can enrich your life and the lives of others
Explains key concepts in the programme
Assigns practical homework to undertake prior to coaching
Challenges you to create more wealth on your own terms
Makes the material your own
Allows you to learn from the experiences of others

Providing the opportunity to work individually with your coach in the group format to ensure:

You are getting the most out of the programme
That the programme is maximised for your individual progress


Inner Self, Outer Wealth will:

Introduce you to talents and skills you may not know you had
Provide clarity about your real value
Invite you to bring increased value to share with others
Invite you to Make Money Doing What You Love

Outline of Inner Self, Outer Wealth

Session 1: Core Values 

(Home study + exercises + 2 Hours group coaching)

Discover and Refine Your Core Values to

  • Increase your Natural Energy and Vitality
  • Improve your General Relationships or Create New Relationships
  • Eliminate many chronic problems
  • Learn where to focus to bring about more Serendipity on a day to day basis

Session 2: Integrated Action

(Home study + exercises + 2 Hours group coaching)

Consciously Act on Your Core Values to

  • Bring more Serendipity into your life
  • Experience Natural Momentum more easily
  • Experience True Presence
  • Grow Quickly from converting Problems into Challenges

Session 3: Wise Action

(Home study + exercises + 2 Hours group coaching)

Bring Integration and Serendipity into Every Day Life by

  • Creating habits that honour your core self and expand who you are in the real world
  • Have Enormous Fun and Adventure Every Day
  • Become Deeply Inspired
  • Make More Money