Empowerment Circles

If you want to make constructive changes in your life but tend to:

  • Waver in your commitment

  • Lose the power of resolve

  • Lose track of priorities

  • Feel unsupported

  • Are too close to your problems to see them clearly

Then an Empowerment Circle may be the right thing for you. Rather than decide to take your life where you want only to discover later that you have let yourself down, an Empowerment Circle can make a real difference. It can literally make all the difference.

Empowerment Circles can help you:

  • Get on track

  • Stay on track

  • Get honest about what really matters to you

  • Be reminded of what’s really important to you

  • Hold you accountable to what is really important to you

The end result is that you are actively engaged and moving forward. You are among the rare few that feel a sense of pride being reminded about their commitment to themselves.

What do you really want?

Most of us don’t know. We come up with pleasant sounding and acceptable theories about what we really want and then go off and do something completely different.

Making a real and lasting change in your life takes a lot of commitment and effort but Empowerment Circles can make it so much easier. Few people will do what is needed to stay on track.

What do most people do to find out what they really want?

Most People occasionally get into theoretical imaginings about what they want and then do nothing about it.

What Works is to get some ideas about what you want and try them out with little life experiments. Try stuff out in a way that does not require you to bet your house on it.

What Will Help is having people around you who know what you’re about, what you think might work and who will challenge you to give things a go.

It’s important to trust your instincts, follow your heart and take your head with you.

When it comes to trusting your instincts…

Most People are scared of following what they instinctively know is right for them. They sometimes have ‘gut instincts’ that are primitive and kind of destructive and so they don’t trust themselves much at all.

What Works is feeling into what feels right, even if it feels primitive or destructive, knowing you can use your head to temper your actions so you don’t ruin your life or harm yourself or anyone else.

Get some ideas about what you want and try them out with little life experiments. Try stuff out in a way that does not require you to bet your house on it.

What Will Help is having people to thrash it out with who aren’t as emotional about your challenges but who care about you going for what’s important to you. It’s great to have supporters who are outside the situation and can encourage you and give you a heads up when you need it.

Following your heart is crucial, it always guides you to what you want.

When it comes to following your heart…

Most People in life have been hurt at some point. They know that following their own heart means opening their heart, even if only to themselves and this can mean awakening buried pain. So what most people do is this, nothing, or worse they suppress their hearts desire with alcohol, caffeine, tv and that’s if they are wise enough to limit it to the socially acceptable and legal forms of suppression.

What Works is letting yourself wonder what you want and then waiting as long as it takes for the answer. As long as you are in a state of wonder, you are in the right state for discovery. In the meantime doing little meaningful things for your hearts desire, maybe slightly silly things, can make all the difference. Before you know it, you’re smiling and laughing and beaming. The past distractions are forgotten, you forget when you forgot them, and you’re loving life. In the meantime you’ve gone through some pain and let it go, and it’s gone. 

What Helps is being able to talk to people who get it, who get you, or who accept you whether they get you or not. Put yourself around people who are willing to give you the space that you might not even be able to give yourself and let your heart speak. It can be hard, so get help. Take the leap and toy with the idea that maybe you are not alone. There may be millions of other people out there who think they are the only ones going through just what you are going through.

If this sounds like a pipedream, I want you to know that the world is changing. It’s changing in some good ways and some bad ways. In your own life you get to choose and if you want to access what helps you make your life what you really want it to be, I challenge you to have a look at creating an Empowerment Circle.

We are happy to share a guide with you assist in creating your own Empowerment Circles. Fill out the form to the left to get your complimentary guide to creating your own Empowerment Circle.

This is a tool that helps you join or create…

  • a group of people who share their challenges and listen to yours

  • a group of people who will ask for support and give you support in return

  • a group of people who will challenge you to listen to your instincts and help you make sense of them

  • a group of people who will be there when you make the long journey from your head to your heart

  • and more…

When it comes down to it, a commitment you make to whatever makes you feel free is a commitment you will keep. Try using an Empowerment Circle to tune into what makes you feel truly free and then take action on it.