Empowerment Circles Technical Guide

When you receive your welcome email to Empowerment Circles there are links to different Empowerment Circles you can attend. We use Zoom for our meetings. If you haven’t used Zoom before this guide will help you get the bare basics of what is required for you to use it effectively. If you are reasonably proficient with computers this guide may be unnecessary because Zoom is quite intuitive.


1. First up, click on a Zoom meeting link like the one below


When asked, click on and download and then run Zoom as seen in the image to the right.


2. Open the file that was downloaded to your computer.

The example to the right is for the Chrome browser. Click to up arrow and select Open.

Wait for the software to install:


3. Wait for the meeting to start

audio and video.JPG

4. Once Zoom starts scroll over the lower left corner and you will see the audio and video controls

mic and camera icon.JPG

5. Test your Microphone and Camera

Click on the mic and camera icons to turn them on and off.

If you click on the up arrows next to the microphone or video symbols you can select your mic and camera. You can also Test your Speakers and Microphone by clicking that option.


6. Using Chat

At the bottom, near the middle there is a chat icon that you can use to chat.

7. Giving Feedback with Chat Window

When open you can type in the chat window to give feedback. It is wise to type your feedback into the window while someone is sharing so that you can be quick with your feedback. Do not press Enter until they are ready for feedback.


Calling in by phone

You can join the call by phone from most countries by finding the phone number to call at this link. Call that number for your country and enter the meeting ID which is the same as the numbers at the end of the meeting link. For example, with this link https://zoom.us/j/394325277 the meeting ID is 394325277. You may need to enter a password, if so it will have been provided with the meeting ID you received for your Empowerment Circle.

For your reference here is the link for numbers to dial in from different countries.