Be who you really are!

Be challenged to pursue what matters most to you.

Be supported to pursue what matters most to you. 8 Being More Yourself small

Be held accountable to pursue what matters most to you.

The foundation of Genuine YOUniversity is that you have something valuable to share,

and you deserve the tools to help you share,

and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

If you know you want to bring something valuable into the world.

If you are not sure where to start.

If you feel a stirring in you to do something more.

If you want to enjoy life more.

If you know there is something different about you…

Yet you still want to be part of a community

If you know life is meant to be an adventure

Maybe of the little things

Maybe of the big

There are lots of free resources here to help…

We provide an affordable, effective peer-to-peer coaching network that enables skilled and lay people alike to assist one another in creating leverage to build a truly fulfilling life. A more detailed description of what we offer is here.

The core of our method is this, do what works. If it is measurable, fulfilling, sustainable and commonly of service to others we support and challenge one another to make a go of it. We encourage you to bet on yourself.

We provide tools and leverage to people who want to do something meaningful and fulfilling, whatever that may be. These tools are the result of decades of refinement and testing through all socio-economic levels. Our network consists of people from all walks of life and includes policy makers and public influencers in many countries and industries who all act on their faith in everyday people to make important contributions on a personal level and to the world.

We provide free education in the areas of fulfillment, getting real results in life, making money doing what you love and making money in order to do what you love. Peer-to-peer coaching and in depth training is offered at affordable rates at the entry level and is available at all scales upward from there.

Our method relies upon

  1. Assisting others in expressing their truth.
  2. BOTH honest and kind communication.
  3. Assisting people with current challenges.

These resources are available to anyone wanting to create a better life by bringing more value to the world. You can register here to get involved. The free webinars and recordings can be freely distributed as long as they are not altered.

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